Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | By: Unknown

Thinking of Titles For New Novel

HELPI know, its terrible. I can write novels, but I am terrible at giving them a title.
I was debating about this in my last blog post and have decided it is time to think of names. Now is everyone’s chance to help or ignore.
My novel is still in the works and is adapting, so it can change. Yet, having a title can help steer the story.
All right, time to give a little information to help determine the title. Sorry that I am not going to give much, but I am still writing and do not want to risk my idea/work being picked up by someone else who likes it. One never knows what the internet can have lingering.
The novel is about a woman who is wanted by several groups of people all from different countries. She is wanted to do harm and be controlled. In order to survive she relies on help from one man. Together they travel, fight and hide from the people chasing her. Gathering information, monitoring any groups movements they rely on her abilities and his skills with weapons to survive.
That is all I am giving away. 180pgs in and its still writing well.
So, people, post away with any ideas. I am free for people to even include single words that should be included. I will do my best to think of some myself. Maybe I will get people to vote.
Well, back to writing like I have told myself I am going to do. No work tomorrow morning; however, I have to battle the want of sleep.
Keep writing, keep reading, never stop gaining knowledge. (No, not my title of my new book.)


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