Friday, May 13, 2011 | By: Unknown

I’m a Writer and I Don’t Write all the Time

Ha! What writer writes all the time? No, I am not meaning taking a break to eat, shower, sleep, go to the washroom and watch one’s favourite T.V show. I am meaning going days or more without writing.

No person is mad to write all day, every day. If people can do this, give me your hands because my knuckles always hurt if I type or write too long.

My normal amount of writing each day differs between none at all-30 pages. Big gap, but realistic. Life is busy and takes away from my hobby. I understand that some people write for a living, so in a sense, they are not included in this because for aspiring novelists, like myself, writing is more of a hobby.

I have joined a few writing sites and have noticed that people make it seem like they write all the time. But, I find that the people that write all the time (and are not getting paid) are doing it not for themselves. People need to realize that writing is mainly for oneself.

I wrote two pages today. Will I write more? That I do not know. I do have other interests that can take over my time. For those writers that do write all the time, make room every day, or take an entire day or two to do something for yourself.


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