Sunday, May 8, 2011 | By: Unknown

Let’s get going

Ugh. Lack of motivation. Hi, my name is Megan, and I have a problem motivating myself. With summer approaching, work, going to the gym, and enjoying time with friends, writing gets pushed aside. It happens, and I am sure I am not alone.

Writing is my hobby, not my end-all be-all. I don’t walk around and tell everyone “I write novels” with some sort of arrogance. (I know people who do this, but in other genres)

So, by reading new blogs, and enjoying the warm breeze, I feel myself getting motivated again. Maybe if I write more I can sleep better, seeing as no matter what time I go to bed at I wake up before 7:30, causing me to wake up the husband.

This year, I am going to spice up my summer and writing. I am going to set goals. I know, I know, I commented on not setting goals too much. But, I am choosing a practical goal. I want to finish writing the novel I am working on…and name it.

If I really want to push it, maybe get the guts to write and submit my manuscripts to agents and publishers.

Well, I hope my summer writing goal is not that far-fetched. I am sure others have some sort of summer goals, writing or not. Let’s hope we all reach our summer goals. Now, back to writing I go, this time, I mean it.

….I can feel procrastination setting in. Uh-oh.


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