Monday, June 18, 2012 | By: Unknown

Nothing and Need More Books to Read

Absolutely nothing has been written in a few weeks. Damn health…I have been reading more, but also sleeping more. The pills I am taking are such a low dose that sleep helps with the pain, and gives me nightmares.

I did have a really vivid dream that I could tie into my book later on it. Too early to have such a highly action packed part, despite what my friend thinks. This happens quite often to me. I get started with a book, then lose my feeling for it. Trust me, once I get the feeling back for it I will write a lot. I just need some extra motivation.

I hope with all the blogs I am reading, and my writing friends on Facebook that are doing so well with their books, I can become motivated again by them. Or hope my emotions get in check and let me.

Also, anyone have any good books they have read? I am doing the Bentz & Montoya series and  the Necroscope series. I am looking for more reads. My sick leave length is now unknown until I get a surgery date. Plus, I just love to read. I am trying to read slower because I tend to read a book in a sitting.

Back to reading…not writing. I suck at being a writer and being so distracted.


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