Monday, October 3, 2011 | By: Unknown

Going Away in Less Then a Week

Vacations, nothing better to help the writer’s mind. I find that going away brings me to new/old places, but allows me to see new people. It helps the imagination flow and makes me want to write.

Writers’ block is plaguing me again. Not a severe case, thank goodness, but still a mild case of it.

I am doing my normal prep of leaving. Trying to lose weight (not fully accomplished. I do love food), getting haircut after 8 months (check) and dying my hair (as I type). I am not a typical pretty girl. I rarely dye my hair and stick with the same hair group. Nothing outside of blonde.

The last thing I have to prep for is bringing an extra writing book. I am on the cusp of moving to another book and I cannot chance running out of pages and not finding a writing book while I am down there.

So how is the book? It’s moving along. It’s tough…as in writing. Extremely outside my genre and a brand new experience for me. I am living through the characters and I am praying that it will get me through the long drive down and back. Yes, we are driving from the Niagara Region in Ontario to Kissimmee, Florida.

Let’s hope something will spark my imagination and allow me to write a lot throughout that drive. It would be fantastic work and a great accomplishment, but would lead to one hell of a sore hand.

Well, I hope after being a typical girl and dying my hair I will feel inspired to write. It is well needed seeing as it has been over 3 nights since I had a good night of writing.

Alas, the problem with being a writer and having a full-time job, the lack of writing time and creation of more writers’ block.

Well, time to rinse the dye out and get my butt to writing.


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