Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | By: Unknown

Free 10 Chapter Preview

Today I decided that I would be brave and place 10 chapters of my next book, Murder Never Lies, for free on Smashwords.murderfront

Sure, it is not edited as of yet, but it is still a great way to give people a free taste of what I am writing. Plus, if people like it and want to read more, they may buy my book. Hence the word may.

I cannot give away my entire book for free. Just something about my pride of my books.

This is just a short post. Let’s see if I can get more downloads than my other two books, 1440 and Unknown Caller. It’s fun to do experiments.

Let’s hope by the summer my book will be typed and edited. Ugh, I hate editing my own work. Yet, it is better written than the other two. My, how writing in university is much better than writing when I was in highschool.

Well, here is the link for the preview.


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