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My Music Motivation

I mentioned last post I would list the songs that motivate me for my current novel. I find music is a great help. This is always debatable, as I have seen on many forums. Some people have even snapped at me saying that using music is stealing it…don’t ask me how seeing as I don’t write about what the songs are. Alas, I don’t get why people critique what other people do to help them write. I hate writing in silence and for those who can, how can you do it?

I am hoping this post will help motivate me to write. I am nearing the end of my first draft. Everything is in my head, just writing it out is the problem. Plus, there will be a few sad parts, and that is always difficult to write. See how side-tracked I get?

All right, down to what this blog post is about. My music playlist. I have several songs, so I will rank them. No clue if they relate at all to my book, but they at least help motivate me to write it and are partially my muse. Here is the main influencing list:

  1. Eyes Open by Taylor Swift.
  2. Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia.
  3. Both of us by B.O.B. ft. Taylor Swift.
  4. Some Nights by Fun.
  5. Wide Awake by Katy Perry.
  6. Hope & Ruin by The Trews.
  7. The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder.
  8. Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civic Wars.

Some other songs do help, but these are the main ones that set the mood for me. Does anyone else use music to help? If so, what songs?


Evamarie said...

I write with music or tv. For music, Classical or country depending on how serious I need to be. For tv, it has to be something I've watched a bunch of times so it doesn't command full attention.

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