Tuesday, February 8, 2011 | By: Unknown

Writing Advice 2


Frustration has sunk in, again. Not just because of lack of writing time, but because of what people are posting about being a writer.

I understand that it is natural for aspiring writers to want to become wealthy from their talent, but that is not that point of writing. Writing is something to be proud of and not need to have money to show that off. It’s a hobby, a passion, a lover, anything you want to call it.

But, if all you have are dollar signs in your eyes you are writing for all the wrong reasons.


Listen up all you aspiring writers. DO NOT WRITE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MAKING MONEY.

Think about it, most writers you met are not going to tell all aspiring writers “Think you book is amazing and will make you wealthy.” In fact, most writers will tell you that their books are not that great.

I know that out of my massive stack of journals all filled with my novels lies not a single amazing novel. Well, I guess a novel that will not win prestigious awards and be considered an amazing piece of literature.

DSCF1644Instead, what I can tell people is, “I have written 14 novels. All I am proud of, but none that I would be able to compare to the most amazing writers of all time.”

I am honest. When I write, I write for myself, not for the interest of making money.

You must write for yourself because your writing will help you understand yourself better than anyone else. It’s something so intimate that sharing it, and being able to share it with thousands of people, is a gift.

Enough of my ranting, again. To sum up my advice, do not write for the sole purpose of becoming rich. You must write for yourself and only yourself. It should not matter if you get published, rich, or even noticed. It’s all about how happy you are with your work. My books are something I am proud of and can say they are all my own.

No money signs in my eyes, just pen and blank paper.


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