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Writing Advice 3

Sorry everyone for my lack of blogging. School really does take up my life. Not always in a good way. But, I have had time to think about my next advice and I find it is rather important.

I will restate, I am not a professionally published author, so my advice may seem to have no authority, but I have been doing enough writing to understand what is good and bad.

My blog topic for this advice post is....Ego's! Oh yes, even some new writers trying to learn or even write a novel have an ego. It is great to be proud of your work, do not get me wrong. I am proud of my accomplishments, but I never go around telling people I am the best writer, my books are amazing. In all honesty, I think my books are crap; then again, I am very judgemental.

If you get one person to read over your work and say it is great, that is fantastic. Be proud! But never go out and say you are the next best writer out there and people are foolish not to have you. This is not the case because there are thousands, if not millions, of other writers out there. And think about it, you walk in or send out a letter full of your ego bragging about your book, it will get you nowhere. Agents and publishers do not care how great you think your own book is, they are the ones to decide.

Be confident though. This is your work. When talking to people be able to talk freely about your book in a confident manner.

I guess the difference between ego and confidence is one word "Best". Your work can be good, but it is not the best. One day critics will decide that for you. Seriously, this is going to sound wrong, but I like hearing the bad news about  my work.

Why? I can easily change my writing to make it better. If I had an ego, I would refuse.

What do you guys think? Would you rather meet a confident writer, or an egotistical one?


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