Tuesday, April 12, 2011 | By: Unknown

Things that Inspire

I can guarantee that this type of post will occur several times throughout my blogging career. This does not apply to just writers, because that is just foolish if a writer says only inspiration can affect them.

Music can inspire everyone and I know that I use music to help me write certain parts of my book. Why? Sadly, I cannot make myself instantly upset, or really happy, but music can have that affect.

Right now, Dr. Dre ft. Eminem’s “I Need A Doctor” is my new song to get inspired. Just one of those songs that makes you want to prove to the world how well you have turned out, or to prove a point. It is just one of those pump-yourself up songs. Plus, it does help me get in my writing mood because my writing is what I use to prove people wrong.

Sometimes, you will also find that one person to inspire you, to help pick you up and piece you back together. Like this song says, you need a doctor and at times I do. I have gone through writing bouts and needed people to help me get back into it.

But, another thing that makes me smile is this picture I found through several websites.


I know it is hard to read, but you can google the title and it will bring up a larger picture. Its cute and some of it is true. Most are standard concepts that if done properly, can be used to write some of the greatest stories.

Well, back to editing I go and writing. Trying to edit more of my new book again seeing as I missed a lot and that annoys me.

Keep reading, writing and being inspired.


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