Thursday, April 7, 2011 | By: Unknown

Writing Blues

It happens. The woes of writing. Not all of us can be great writers that make money off of their books and am set for life. This feeling of sadness came about last night when I was editing my next novel and reading other writers blogs.

Its great that there are so many diverse writers having success, but what caused this feeling of being blue is the fact that the writers were BRAGGING about being a writer and being professionally published. How inspiring (sarcasm). Because of these writers I am thinking twice about really putting effort into trying to find a literary agent or publisher this summer.

I understand that you must have great writing skills, but by bragging and saying "Oh being a published writer is difficult" does not help aspiring writers.

So, I will continue writing, just keep it primarily to myself, close friends and family. One day I can aim again to be published professionally, but I will wait till my feeling of being blue is gone. It just irks me when I want other writers to inspire, and they hinder.

Instead of bragging about success, and how great I am with only one-three novels professionally published, I can say I have written 14 books in total, been writing for over 10 years, and am damn proud of it. Do not listen to people brag about their success. If they have to brag then well...shows that they are making their success seem bigger than what it is. Money is not success, accomplishing dreams and goals are.

Thank you all for listening to my rant. If you experience any form of this, not just for writing, but in general form, show them why you are better than them.

Feel better now. No more writing blues. Still scared to try and get published, but no writing blues. Yeah!


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