Thursday, May 3, 2012 | By: Unknown

Murder Never Dies Completed and Ordered

murder cover It is finally done. Took long enough. I have ordered a bunch of copies and that’s that. I should be more ecstatic, but that will be once I get the copies. Even if it is self-published it is still so nice to see a book with my name on it and knowing that I wrote it.  Plus, that’s 80,000 words handwritten and then typed up. Brain=mush.

I have done the same thing I have done with my other two books: publish through lulu and smashwords. It’s nice having a print copy, but eBooks are everywhere and are now becoming a very popular medium. Took so much work to format them, but now I have set templates so that will make a little easier when I decide to do it for another book.

The book blurb can be found in my Books page. That way I do not have to paste it here when it is already on my blog. I updated it early this morning when I ordered copies.

All I know is it is nice that I can write freely and not force myself to edit. Now that it is done I can focus on writing my new book. Hopefully more inspirational blog posts will arise from this. For now it is just pure happiness that my brain can rest and no more typing is really needed to be done.


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