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Picasso’s Work & Inspiration

DSCF2266Come on people, that one should have been obvious.

Yesterday, the hubby and I took my mom to the AGO to see Picasso’s work for Mother’s Day. Fantastic to see! We all enjoyed it, more so my mother and me. We grew up with my Uncle and Grandpa interested in art, both quite good too. It was only natural for us to want to see it and enjoy it. Plus, once in a lifetime thing.

What we discovered was how you had to look at each picture differently in order to see the pictures. It was fantastic. My mother and I would angle our heads opposite of each other to see what we could see. Each angle brought out something different in the pictures.

We ended up with two favourites. Viola! Here they are! One on the left is called Two Landscapes and the other I cannot remember for the life of me, it involves a guitar.

DSCF2268  DSCF2269

All this made me think. He started becoming noticed when he was 14. Now, I am not saying I should have been recognized at that age for me books. I look at how things have changed. When we wandered the contemporary exhibits we did not like much at all, well….we maybe liked one or two things and really disliked the rest.

I am picky about art and I will admit, I prefer paintings more than anything else. I remember knowing some people that went to Brock and enjoying their paintings. They were unique and beautiful to look at. Not some backyard looking things.

As you can tell, I am not cut out for art, I am cut out for writing. I found this trip to be helpful, more of a “stick to your roots” when it comes to my writing lesson. Sure, I dabble here and there. Everyone has to. I am sticking with my roots because it is my better style of writing. I just think back to what inspired me. My inspiration is not so visual as in Picasso’s works. I have to mould the inspirations to make them work for my writing.

All right, enough rambling about me! I best try to write a little before I fall asleep. Long days and not enough sleep for my liking.

I will say one thing, the show was fantastic and very inspirational. Happy I went and happy that it has helped inspire me to keep writing. Oh, and I got a writing book from there. Hehe, got the mom and hubby annoyed. I needed to keep a little memory of the trip!


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