Friday, May 25, 2012 | By: Unknown

So Many Distractions

It happens, right? The hubby left Monday and I have written, oh, maybe 10 pages. Everything is so distracting! I have had two girl date nights, so that took up time.Diablo-3

And, well, Diablo 3 has become my new thing. For those that don’t know me, I am terrible with video games. I generally suck and get addicted to playing.

Well, it doesn’t help that I am still getting a feel for this story. It’s tough for me to write something so new. I have done a fair chunk of introducing and training to the characters. I am just not sure what to do after that. I am sure one day it will just appear to me and I will have no problem writing it. This problem is why I always have two book son the go, one I am experimenting with, the other I can easily rely on writing for a bit. It will be written; it will just take some time.

It’s summer too! I hide inside when it is hot and go outside when it is cooler and I can sit in shade so I won’t burn. I love writing in the summer, but it is tough. I am having a writing struggle. I actually have to struggle to write. Stupid tumour is on my mind no matter how much I try to push it out of my head. No worries, not cancer, just a giant pest. When I am in pain I don’t want to write and the pain has been around a lot lately. Maybe I will learn how to write while in pain…hmm…must think of how to do that.

On another health note, I have decided that if the Docs approve, I want to go on sick leave June 11th. I see the surgeon the 15th, so if I get an appointment booked I am fine. My not glamorous at all job is becoming a little too tough on me. Hoping for a surgery soon. I am tired of waiting, especially over 7 months. Alas, Ontario healthcare is terrible.

Soon I will show people what is wrong with me, but for now off to eat breakfast, have a cup of coffee and write for a bit. Write first, video games later….but before 2 because I work at 3. Well, I best get going, I am even procrastinating on this blog. Five pages is my goal. I think I can manage that.


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